Woods Equipment

Here's the scoop on Woods Equipment: Every now and then you'll encounter a farm implement for the first time and say "wow, that's heavy built!"  That was our reaction when we saw our first Brush Bull….they just look heavier than anything in their product class.  And indeed they are.

Woods Equipment builds these cutters like a tank, and they feature quick change blade pins  unique to Woods. These blade pins make removing, sharpening and replacing blades a snap. We're proud to offer the Brush Bull; it's one of our favorite products to sell because customers love them.

Intro to the Brush Bull

If you've been thinking about buying a brush bull, but wanting more information to help you make the decision, this video can point you in the right direction.

Batwing Cutters

We're proud to offer Woods Batwing Cutters, and this video shows how tough they are. The 15' cutters come in three different grades, and we'll help match you with the one that fits your tractor, your budget, and the size of material you plan to cut.

Woods PRD Finish Mowers

Not the cheapest on the market, but definitely the best. That's a hefty claim, but when you watch this video you'll see why. The video doesn't even mention the best feature of these mowers…they make a beautiful cut!  We're proud to offer this product. You won't find a better finish mower.

Woods Rotary Tiller

The SGT88 Rotary Tiller is heavy duty, and the largest rotary till Woods builds. With its well-planned design features and outstanding performance, you can work with moist, wet, rocky, or sandy soils. And if you work in non-rocky soil, some models offer a reverse tiller best for that application.

Woods Snow Blower

That first big snowfall is so pretty...and such a pain to clear if you don't have the right tools. Not a problem when you have a Woods Snow Blower. Fast, efficient, and easy to use. Once you own one, you'll never believe you handled winter any other way.

Woods Backhoes

Here's a video showing the operation of Woods backhoes. We offer these products for almost all models of tractors, large and small. We can guide you through the options (this one has a hydraulic thumb, a nice feature) to get the exact product you need for the job you have. You'll dig it!

Woods Box Blade

If you've ever used a box blade, you know they work best when you drive/push backward to loosen up the material, then drive forward to spread and even it out.  A grading scraper does both functions at once. One blade breaks up the packed material, followed by a blade that smooths it down and spreads it out.  It's the perfect tool for maintaining a gravel driveway, as this video demonstrates.

Woods Grinders

Clearing land with a lot of stumps to eliminate? Woods has your tool.  They offer two different models of three-point grinders that will make those stumps disappear and become mulch quickly.