Gravity & Flat Wagons

Montrose Implement is proud to offer several models of the E-Z Trail Wagon line. Since its small beginning with running gears in the 1960's, the E-Z Trail line of wagons has continued to grow into the most complete line of farm wagons anywhere. E-Z Trail Gravity Wagons have a wider door, steeper floor, a bigger hand wheel, and a deeper chute to enhance your productivity.

E-Z Trail JR Flat Wagon 10 X 6

E-Z Trail JR Flat Wagon 10 X 6′ Jr. Flat Rack has 2″ treated floor on 3 x 6 sills and is framed all around in steel with stake pockets....

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E-Z Trail Gravity Wagon 230

E-Z Trail Gravity Wagon 230 230 Bu. 8-1/2′ x 10-1/2′ Gravity Box on 872W Running Gear w/11L x 15 tires. Rigid, durable, and economical with a low center of gravity...

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