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Can-Am Defender Models Redesigned for Comfort, Toughness

The entire Can-Am Defender lineup was redesigned for 2020.
The Can Am side-by-side is offered in a number of models, all strong and powerful, and ready with all-terrain performance. Defenders are Can-Am’s most utility-focused UTVs, but their engine performance and suspension are like sport-utility machines. With up to 82 HP in some models, and a class-leading 69 lb-ft of torque, the Defender can take on your chore list, and then take you on some great riding adventures. If you’re wondering “is the Can Am Defender street legal,” you’ll need to check with your state, as regulations vary.

Affordable, ready for work or play, this hardworking machine is a favorite among ranchers, farmers and hunters.

A Look at Our Lineup

View our Can-Am Defender Inventory

2020 Can-Am Defender HD5

The 2020 Can-Am Defender HD5 is lower-priced model stands up to the rigors of farm life and then some. Looking for traction, 2020-can-am-defender-hd5-greenperformance, handling, comfort and overall machine perks? These UTVs do not disappoint.

Built on the same chassis as its larger family members, this Can-Am side-by-side is powered by a 38 HP HD5 Rotax single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. That means it’s got enough oomph to handle everyday farm chores. A continuously variable transmission keeps gear changes smooth. And the cargo box with tilt bed can be released with one hand on the lever to tilt up. The entire cargo can be dumped by just removing a single pin.The fully functional tailgate releases like a truck bed tailgate.

And when you’re done feeding the cattle, there’s nothing easier or more fun-  than taking your Can Am Defender for trailriding.

2020 Can-Am Defender DPS HD8

The Can-Am Defender XT HD8 excels with performance and comfort, plus features you don’t expect to find in work vehicles. A 50 HP rear-2020-defender-dps-hd8-boreal-greenmounted V-twin engine, power steering, painted bodywork and cast aluminum wheels come standard. Job performance and trail excitement: that’s what the Defender HD8 offers.

With seating for three, this Can-Am ATV has a  dump bed that can carry 1000 lbs. and a towing capacity of 2000 lbs. It makes farm and ranch chores easy. Plus, the HD8 can power through steep, challenging trails even when you’re carrying considerable loads. Difficult terrain is mastered by the smooth, controllable power delivery. If you ranch or hunt on rugged terrain, you can rely on the Defender to get you there and back with confidence.

The Can-Am Defender HD10 Series

Can-Am Defender HD10 Series boast a lot of new and improved features over previous years’ Defenders.

The 2020 Can-Am Defender XT HD10, for example,  has a full hard roof that is ROPS approved. Plus it features full exterior protection. Hauling and towing have never been easier, with a 4,500 lb. factory-installed winch and 2,500 lb. towing capacity and multi-function cargo box.  Throw in the 83” wheel base, 11″ ground clearance, and 64″ wide stance, and you can see how much you can do with this machine. DPS (Dynamic Power Steering) adapts to speed, giving you more control over your ride.

2020 Can-Am Defender Max Lone Star HD10

2020-defender-max-lone-star-hd10-grayupscale, comfortable ride for the hard-working, hard-playing rider who stays behind the wheel all day. And it’s built for higher ground, with a 13” ground clearing. 2,500 lb. towing capacity. Dynamic Power Steering comes from the factory. And a multi-functional cargo box means you can haul more over rougher terrain. Comfort features include an intuitive cockpit with optimized visibility, seat belts, lighter style DC outlets and two USB ports, an adjustable driver seat and adjustable tilt steering wheel.

2020 Defender Pro XT HD10

This Defender is a real workhorse, with a 4,500 lb. winch and massive 6” by 4’5”  cargo box that can be converted to a flatbed for all your 2020-Defender-Pro_XT_HD10-1hauling needs. It’s ready to haul what you need with a 1700 lb. payload capacity, 1oo gallons of storage, and towing capacity of 2500 lbs.
Can-Am has placed the 82 HP Rotax HD, V-twin engine in the rear of the long chassis to reduce noise and cockpit heat. Defender side-by-side transmissions come standard with Park, Reverse, Neutral, High and extra Low. A work-specific low gear ensures optimal torque delivery for heavy loads. This machine boasts a 13 “ ground clearance, so you can master rough terrain and trails.

2020 Defender Ltd. HD10

This one comes loaded! Automatic climate control (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning), electric roll-down windows, front window 2020-defender-xt-hd10-silverwindshield wiper and a fully sealed cab – all from the factory. The new, thicker firewall better seals off engine heat from the cab. Plus, a reworked engine exhaust keeps noises down compared to previous models. The frame has been upgraded and strengthened.  And the 82 HP 976cc Rotax V-Twin and Electronic hill descent control give you more power upslope and greater safety coming down. Three drive modes (ECO, ECO off, and Work) come standard. Power steering, of course, is included with Can-Am’s DPS unit.

But it’s the enhanced full cab that sets this model apart. There’s plenty of insulation and seamless integration of the HVAC system in the cab. A 7.6” digital instrument cluster displays everything you need, with an easy-to-use touchpad for changing the views on the display. The comfortable three seat chassis, front and rear sway bars, and 83” wheelbase add to the sheer pleasure of driving this machine on any terrain.
Specific to the Limited package are an XT front bumper with a 4500 lb winch, LED signature lighting, and XT seat skins on seating surfaces. Stock 27” Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires can pull you through mud, and full underbelly skid plates come standard on this Defender Limited.

2020 Can-Am Defender MAX Limited Cab HD10

The Can Am Defender MAX Limited cab HD10 holds 4+ passengers, so take the family or the gang for the ride of their life. The complete 2020-defender-max-limited-hd10-camo-frontHVAC system keeps you toasty in the winter and cool in the summer. It features  an automated system that lets you select the vehicle interior temperature and holds the temperature for you. The variable compressor provides double the cooling power at low RPMs.

The MAX Ltd. Cab HD1o has got a shorter wheelbase (126″) than some other Defender models, which lets you manage some tighter spots than longer vehicles. You’ll be able to carry up to 1,000 lbs. in its 3-foot-long cargo box. And the 12.7 gallons’ worth of storage space, including 5.6 gallons of waterproof storage under the passenger seat, gives you more than enough room to stash personal belongings. The towing capacity sits at 2,500 lbs.  It’s powered by a Rotax 976 cc V-twin engine and has a PRO-TORQ transmission with its Quick Response System. You’ll also appreciate the XT premium bumper, 4,500 lb. winch, and signature LED headlights and taillights.

2020 Can-Am Defender Max DPS HD10

Up to 6 adults can pack into the Can Am Defender MAX DPS HD100. The Dynamic Power Steering makes your rides safer and smoother.  2020-can-am-defender-max-dps-hd10-silverHeavy duty 82 HP Rotax engine and 27-in Maxxis Bighorn tires move the MAX through rough or muddy terrain with ease. Add in the  2500 lb. towing capacity and multi-function cargo box that carry can 1000 lbs, and you can imagine how much use you’ll get from the MAX.
Rear differential with turf mode protects your grass and lawn areas, and the ROPs-approved closed cab offers sun and weather protection. Perfect for long days around the farm or ranch, and equally powerful and lots of fun out on the trail or hunting.  Like all the 2020 Defenders, it’s far quieter than earlier models.

All-New 2020 Can-Am Defender 6×6 HD 10

Got work to do?  The  all-new 2020 Can-Am Defender 6×6 HD 10 features outstanding 6-wheel traction to conquer the tough obstacles and 2020-defender-6x6-dps-hd10-white-1get the job done.

It’s also incredibly versatile, with a box that can be adjusted to perform all sorts of tasks. Tow more than ever, and carry more while traversing extreme terrain with ease.

Plus, this Can-Am vehicle takes on all the new model year Defender updates in styling, performance and chassis enhancements. Yet nothing can touch its versatile functionality, or the adaptable surefootedness offered from its Double Torsional Trailing arm Independent (TTA) rear suspension and extra set of rear wheels.Quiet, comfortable and dependable, this new model Defender 6×6 is the start of a whole new adventure, whether you’re using it for farm and ranch, or to tear up the trail in style.

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