Woods Rotary Tillers are ideal for vegetable gardens, small-acreage farming, hunting food plots, and landscape maintenance.


Configure your Woods Rotary Tiller for any job:

  • Choose a forward-rotation unit for low horsepower tractors and/or rocky soil conditions.
  • Choose a reverse-rotation unit to work the soil more aggressively and leave a finer finish in fewer passes.
  • All Rotary Tillers come factory-configured for a single tilling direction. No complicated, time-consuming modifications necessary.
  • Woods products are painted with a heat-cured powder coat finish.

Woods Landscape Rakes - Ideal for lawn maintenance projects and clearing debris at construction sites.

  • Heavy pivot components increase product longevity
  • Large, structural tine beam channel holds alloy spring steel tines firmly
  • Fast, easy and safe hook-ups with ASAE quick-hitch compatibility
  • Optional gauge wheels allow better depth control
  • Optional parking stand for easier attachment