MF 7600 TRACTORS-Delivering unmatched comfort and fuel efficiency, this beast is comfortable in row crop operations or pulling a large square baler.  

With your choice of the economical Dyna-6 powershift transmission or   the Dyna-VT - the most technologically advanced continuously variable tractor transmission on the planet - the 7600 series can be tailored to your operation.

This series also offers improved styling with a narrow hood and the best visibility in its class.  Go drive the green ones and the other red ones first, then come see what has made the Massey Ferguson 7600 the global leader in its class..and Montrose Implements your Western Slope source for tractors.

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   Rear Lift Capacity 
ModelPTO HPTransmission@ 24" Behind (lbs)Weight (lbs)
7614110Dyna-4 (16x16)980015,060
7615110 or 120Dyna-4 (16x16), Dyna-6 (24x24), Dyna-VT (CVT)9,800, 11,500 (Dyna-VT)15,060
7616120Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)9,800, 11,50015,060
7618130Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)9,800, 11,50015,060
7619140Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)14,000, 13,71515,800
7620150Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)14,000, 13,71515,800
7622165Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)14,000, 13,71515,990
7624180Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)14,000, 13,71515,990
7626195Dyna-6 (24x24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)14,000, 13,71515,990
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