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Ski-Doo Snowmobiles for Sale

Winter motor sports on the Western Slope-- one of the most exciting ways to spend a snowy day in Colorado!

If you've spent some high country time on a snowmobile, then you understand the thrill of adventuring off the beaten path on rugged, ungroomed trails. Or maybe you enjoy sharing a family jaunt on groomed trails high in the crisp, dry air? No matter how you ride it, there’s nothing like the fun of a day on a Ski-Doo.

And if you've only experienced snowmobiling by watching videos, or hearing a friend's story, you may have gotten the itch to try it. Even if your main sport is back country snow boarding or skiing, you can use your Ski-Doo as a personal “ski lift” into the back country’s pristine powder.

See Colorado at its most majestic, blaze your own trails, and write your own action story. Ski-Doo means sledding excitement. You can get a taste of it by watching our Ski-Doo videos.

Snowmobile Western Slope Trails

There are numerous trails in the Colorado Mountains, including some truly spectacular and less used areas right here around Montrose.

Ski doo snowmobile COSnowmobiling around Montrose means hundreds of miles of trails. The season can start as early as the first week in December, and run through early or mid-April -- and sometimes longer if the weather cooperates and drops more snow. Generally, the best conditions occur from the last week of December to mid-March. Most riding in the area is off trail on public lands, although some groomed trails exist. Click here to check Colorado Snowmobile Association maps and updates about snow conditions.

Or click here, where a list of winter trails and more snow conditions and trail information is available.

A Few Helpful Hints About Snowmobiles for Sale on the Western Slope

Always buy a machine that suits your needs. Do you plan to ride alone or carry a passenger? What engine size suits your use?

Mountain riding needs a sled specifically designed for that purpose, and we can help you choose the perfect Ski-Doo for your winter adventures. You’ll want to be dressed for the conditions, and helmets, good warm gloves, goggles and other safety accessories will not only keep you safer, but make riding at high altitude considerably more comfortable.

Safety is Key in the High Country

Proper maintenance will keep your Ski-Doo running in top condition, ensuring the best – and safest—sledding. If you're needing a powersports shop near Montrose, CO, our service staff can get your Ski-doo ready for the winter’s fun. During the snowmobiling season, it’s a good idea to check the oil, belts, and moving mechanisms of the sled before use.

Click here to learn about about avalanche safety courses, or find avalanche warnings before you head up the slopes.

Want more safety tips? You'll find them here.

Some Places for Snowmobiling Around Montrose

Black Mesa
About an hour's drive from Montrose, with some of the most spectacular powder riding in the region on groomed trails and thousands of acres of meadows, pine and spruce forests. At 10,500 feet, Black Mesa has open parks where the fastest riders like to race. And the ride to the top of Baldy Mountain will satisfy the craving of any adrenaline junkie.

Grand Mesa
One of the world’s largest flat-topped mountains, Grand Mesa is just about perfect snowmobiling terrain. Race across the 123 miles of the Sunlight to Powderhorn Trail, the longest snowmobile trail in the lower 48, or explore other Grand Mesa trails -- from the easy Land’s End Loop to more challenging climbs. Be sure to keep off the blue paths marked for cross-country skiers only.

Uncompahgre Plateau
One of the best day trips in the area will take you to the 1.5 million acre Uncompahgre Plateau. A quick half hour drive from Montrose brings you to the wide-open spaces of the Uncompahgre Plateau, where you can explore a day of excellent intermediate riding on both groomed and un-groomed trails. The climbs here are not too steep.

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