Often imitated, but never duplicated, Woods offers a full line of rugged, high-quality attachments with innovative features that increase productivity, maximize performance, and minimize down time – whether they’re needed for commercial use or general lawn care projects.

Over 55 years of experience engineering and manufacturing landscape equipment has created a line of reliable, high-quality tools to meet, and exceed, the demands of customers -- from professional landscapers to property owners. Trust Woods for all your landscaping needs.

Sub-CategoryModelEngine HPWorking Width
Box ScrapersGBC48up to 25 hp48"
Box ScrapersBSS54up to 45 hp54"
Box ScrapersBSS60up to 45 hp60"
Box ScrapersBSS65up to 45 hp65"
Box ScrapersBSS72up to 45 hp72"
Box ScrapersBSM7240 - 65 hp72"
Box ScrapersBSM8440 - 65 hp84"
Box Scrapers65LB40-80 hp65"
Box Scrapers65HB40-80 hp65"
Box Scrapers72LB40-80 hp72"
Box Scrapers72HB40-80 hp72"
Box Scrapers76LB40-80 hp76"
Box Scrapers76HB40-80 hp76"
Box Scrapers80LB40-80 hp80"
Box Scrapers80HB40-80 hp80"
Box Scrapers84HB40-80 hp84"
Box Scrapers72HSD40-90 hp72"
Box Scrapers76HSD40-90 hp76"
Box Scrapers80HSD40-90 hp80"
Box Scrapers84HSD40-90 hp84"
Box Scrapers88HSD40-90 hp88"
Box Scrapers92HSD40-90 hp92"
Box Scrapers80HXD40-100 hp80"
Box Scrapers84HXD40-100 hp84"
Box Scrapers88HXD40-100 hp88"
Box Scrapers92HXD40-100 hp92"
Box Scrapers96HXD40-100 hp96"
Chippers/ShreddersTCH4500up to 35 hp4.5" diameter
Chippers/Shredders500015 - 30 hp5" diameter
Chippers/Shredders800025 - 60 hp8" diameter
Chippers/Shredders810025 - 60 hp9" diameter
CultipackersC48Tup to 30 hp48"
CultipackersC7220-75 hp72"
CultipackersC8420-75 hp84"
Disc HarrowsDHM528 - 70 hp5'
Disc HarrowsDHM632 - 70 hp6'
Disc HarrowsDHM736 - 70 hp7'
Disc HarrowsDHH108T45-75 hp108"
Disc HarrowsDHH126T45-100 hp126"
Disc HarrowsDHH144T55-100 hp144"
Food Plot SeedersFPS4825-40 hp49"
Food Plot SeedersFPS6030-45 hp60"
Food Plot SeedersFPS7230-75 hp72"
Food Plot SeedersFPS8435-85 hp84"
Grading ScrapersGS54S15 - 30 hp53"
Grading ScrapersGS60C20 - 45 hp59"
Grading ScrapersGS72C20 - 45 hp71"
Grading ScrapersGS84C20 - 45 hp83"
Landscape RakesLRS52up to 30 hp52"
Landscape RakesLRS60up to 30 hp60"
Landscape RakesLRS72up to 30 hp72"
Landscape RakesLRS72P20-45 hp72"
Landscape RakesLRS84P20-45 hp84"
Landscape RakesLRS96P20-45 hp96"
Landscape RakesLR70020 - 60 hp84"
Landscape RakesLR80020 - 60 hp96"
Post Hole DiggersTPD2514-25 hp6"-12" Augers
Post Hole DiggersTPD3520-35 hp6"-18" Augers
Post Hole DiggersTPD6525-65 hp6"-24" Auger
Post Hole DiggersTPD9535-95 hp6"-30" Auger
Precision Super SeedersPSS4825 - 40 hp49"
Precision Super SeedersPSS6030-45 hp60"
Precision Super SeedersPSS7230-75 hp72"
Precision Super SeedersPSS8435-85 hp84"
Quick HitchTQH127.25"
Rear BladesRBC60up to 25 hp59"
Rear BladesRB6012 - 30 hp59"
Rear BladesRB7212 - 40 hp71"
Rear BladesRB8412 - 40 hp83"
Rear BladesHBL72-230 - 75 hp71"
Rear BladesHBL84-230 - 75 hp83"
Rear BladesHBL96-230 - 75 hp95"
Rear BladesRB75050 - 100 hp83"
Rear BladesRB85050 - 100 hp95"
Rear BladesRB99080 - 150 hp107"
Rear BladesRB101080 - 150 hp119"
Rotary TillersTS/TSR4418 - 30 hp44"
Rotary TillersTS/TSR5218 - 30 hp52"
Rotary TillersTS/TSR6018 - 30 hp60"
Rotary TillersTC/TCR6020 - 45 hp60"
Rotary TillersTC/TCR6820 - 45 hp68"
Rotary TillersTC/TCR7420 - 45 hp74"
Rotary TillersGHT6030 - 50 hp57"
Rotary TillersGHT7230 - 50 hp69"
Rotary TillersSGT7240 - 70 hp68"
Rotary TillersSGT8040 - 70 hp76"
Rotary TillersSGT8840 - 70 hp84"
Stump GrindersTSG5015 - 50 hp20"
Stump GrindersSG10050 - 100 hp34"