Ideal for residue management in row crop and non-row crop applications, Woods Flail Shredders lead the industry in innovative design, strength and performance.

The tri-lateral hood gives you quadruple shredding action for a more complete cut. The massive super structure ensures a long life and resists vibration. The high-capacity gearbox, specially designed oil seal protectors and the overrunning disc clutch are just a few of the high-quality features to extend the working life of your Woods Shredder.

Make short work of shredding corn stalks, cotton, milo stalks, potato vines, sugar beet tops or other specialty crops with a Woods Center or End Drive Flail Shredder.

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ModelPTO HPHeightWidthType
S12ED70 - 300 hp2" - 14"157"End Drive
S15ED90 - 300 hp2" - 14"198"End Drive
S18ED110 - 300 hp2" - 14"234"End Drive
S20ED120 - 300 hp2" - 14"258"End Drive
S15CD90 - 300 hp2" - 14"183"Center Drive
S20CD120 - 300 hp2" - 14"247"Center Drive
S22CD132 - 300 hp2" - 14"271"Center Drive
S25CD150 - 300 hp2" - 14"303"Center Drive
S27CD162 - 300 hp2" - 14"327"Center Drive
S30CD240 - 300 hp2" - 14"363"Center Drive