Woods TPD25 Post Hole Digger

Tractor Engine HP 14-25 hp
Tractor hitch Cat 0, Ltd 1, & 1
Drive type gearbox
Tractor PTO speed 540 rpm
Approximate weight 140 lbs
Auger (diameter x length) 6″, 9″,12″ x 36″
Auger extension optional (12″)
Shear pin standard
Positioning handle standard
Hydraulic down force kit optional
Parking Stand optional
Gearbox warranty 6 years

(970) 240-1720

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TPD25 Post Hole Digger

  • Choose from 6, 9 or 12-inch diameter augers, length is 36 inches
  • Tractor HP range: 14-25 hp
  • Three-point hitch: Cat 0, Limited Cat 1 and 1
  • Heavy-duty welded construction and a rugged gearbox for added strength and longevity
  • Tapered roller bearings, spring-loaded seals and forged steel teeth help you get the job done
  • Six-year gearbox limited warranty
  • Positioning handle for easy operation
  • Optional hydraulic downforce kit and parking stand