Woods PSS84 Precision Seeder

The Precision Super Seeder gives you the flexibility to handle primary seeding, over-seeding and applications such as native grasses and food plots. It’s the most versatile seed box combination on the market.

Woods PSS 84 Precision Seeder
Tractor Engine HP Range 40-125 hp
Tractor Hitch CAT 2
Working Width 84″
Weight (Standard Configuration) 1,346 lbs
Drive Type ground
Number of Seed Boxes Available 3
Seed Metering fluted and picker wheel
Seed Cups 12
Cool Season Seed Box Capacity 7.00 bushel
Native Warm Season Seed Box Capacity 8.75 bushel
Legume Seed Box Capacity 1.75 bushel
Front Roller Spikes (224).5″ x 1.75″carbide steel
ASABE Quick-Hitch Compatible yes

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• Three – point hitch: CAT 2 (84-inch
• Working width 84 inches
• Heat treated front roller spikes are adjustable for primary over-seeding
• Three seed box options — cool season, warm season and legume — let you plant anything from rye and oats to prairie grasses, wildflowers, radishes and soybeans
• Efficient, one-pass planting of up to two seed types at one depth and legume seeds at a different depth — with models equipped with three seed boxes
• All seed boxes can be engaged and disengaged independently with a single lynch pin — no tools required

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