Woods GSS72P Grading Scraper

Whenever You Need To Level Potholes Or Cut Material From High Spots, This Scraper Will Do The Job With A Minimum Number Of Passes Over The Surface.


  • 71-inch working width
  • Tractor HP range: 20-45 hp
  • Three-point hitch: Cat 1
  • 16-inch box height – one of the tallest in the industry
  • Adjustable skid shoes and shanks for more precise road shaping
  • Approachable leading edges and structural reinforcements keep scraper stronger, longer
  • Reversible/replaceable high-carbon cutting edges
  • ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures faster, easier and safer hook-ups

GSS72 Grading Scraper Specs
Tractor Engine HP 20 – 45 hp
Tractor hitch Cat 1
Working width 71″
Overall width 76″
Overall length 46″
Box Height 16″
Number of scarifiers 5
Weight with scarifiers 655 lbs
Weight without Scarifiers 580 lbs
Scarifier adjustment -2.5, -1.0, +0.5, +2.5
Skid Shoe Adjustment -1.0 to +0.5
Lower hitch design clevis
ASABE Quick Hitch Compatible yes

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