Woods Grading Scraper GSM84P

Woods grading scrapers are rugged 3-point hitch tractor attachments designed with superior durability for tough landscape tasks. You can level potholes in driveways, sift and smooth soil berms, or grade roads and driveways.

GSM84 Grading Scraper Specs
Tractor Engine HP 30 – 65 hp
Tractor hitch Cat 1 and 2
Working width 83″
Overall width 88″
Overall length 46″
Box Height 16″
Number of scarifiers 6
Weight with scarifiers 752 lbs
Weight without Scarifiers 664 lbs
Scarifier adjustment -2.5, -1.0, +0.5, +2.5
Skid Shoe Adjustment -1.0 to +0.5
Lower hitch design clevis
ASABE Quick Hitch Compatible yes

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  • Heavy-duty mast plate creates more down force for a smoother surface and virtually eliminates a washboard effect
  • Adjustable skid shoes and scarifiers increase performance
  • Tall side frames hold more material for leveling
  • Beveled leading edges on the skid shoes and structural reinforcements keep this scraper strong for years of use
  • Reversible/replaceable high-carbon cutting edges increase work life and are easy to maintain
  • 83-inch working width
  • Tractor HP range: 30-65 hp
  • Three-point hitch: Cat 1 and 2
  • 16-inch box height – one of the tallest in the industry
  • Adjustable skid shoes and shanks for more precise road shaping
  • Approachable leading edges and structural reinforcements keep scraper stronger, longer
  • Reversible/replaceable high-carbon cutting edges
  • ASABE quick-hitch compatibility ensures faster, easier and safer hook-ups