Steffen Systems 3VHD Big Bale Handler

Steffen Systems 3VHD Big Bale Handler makes it easier.

For As Long As There Have Been Hay Bales, There Have Been People Tasked With Bucking Them Onto A Truck Or Into A Barn. But There’S A Better, Easier, Far More Profitable Way To Never Touch A Bale Again: Our Extensive Line Of Bale Accumulators And Handlers For Small Square Bales, Large Square Bales And Everything In-Between. Each Is Virtually Indestructible. And Each Can Eliminate 100% Of Hand Labor. Not 80%. Not 90%. 100%. No Wonder Our Products Have Become The Industry Gold Standard Over The Past 40 Years.

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We Designed This Top-Of-The-Line Big Bale Handler With High-Volume Hay Producers In Mind. The 3vhd Has A Heavily Reinforced Frame, Four Tooth Shafts Twenty Big Bale Teeth. The Smooth Spears Come In A Variety Of Lengths (24, 40, And 54″) To Accommodate Different Sizes Of Bales. This Unit Provides The Ultimate In Durability And Control.


  • 84″w x 84″h
  • 4 hook bars
  • 20 big teeth
  • 5 1.5″ dia. spears

Can Handle:

  • 3 3x3x8 bales
  • 3 3x4x8 bales
  • 2 4x4x8 bales