Sitrex QRX14 V Type Wheel Rake

Sitrex QRX14 V Type Wheel Rake
Number Of Finger Wheels14
Finger Wheel Tine Diameter0,28″ – 7mm
Finger Wheel Diameter60″ – 1,52m
Finger Wheel Tine Diameter0,3″ – 7,5mm
Maximum Windrow Width6′ 7″ – 2m
Minimum Windrow Width3′ – 09m
Maximum Working Width28′ – 8,5m
Minimum Working Width24′ 11″ – 7,6m
Minimum Transport Height9′ 2″ – 2,8m
Minimum Tractor Horsepower Required60HP – 44Kw
Transport Width9′ 2″ – 2,8m
Weight2955 Lbs – 1340 kg
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The new QRX range of “V” type wheel rakes with 12 or 14 wheels are easy to use machines that have a strong frame and therefore are able to provide excellent performance as regards both quantity and quality. Although very compact, and thus able to guarantee great maneuverability in narrow spaces and over irregular ground, and at the same time excellent quality work and great stability both while working and during transport, they have a variety of systems and devices that make them comparable to higher range machines in terms of performance, but with lower operating costs.