Massey Hesston 1838 Small Square Baler

For the medium-sized operator who needs a little more capacity, the Hesston 1838 offers a faster plunger speed and wider pickup. Its 42 double tines and 89-inch pickup sweep in wider windrows with less raking for less crop leaf loss. Combine that with its 100 strokes per minute plunger speed and you have a machine that delivers productivity in any kind of crop.


  • 14″ x 18″ Bale Chamber
  • Adjustable Bale Length 12″ to 52″
  • 100 Strokes per minute Plunger mounted on 7 Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers
  • U-Joint: Constant Velocity 3-Joint Driveline and Overrunning Clutch
  • Hypoid Gearbox with Tapered Roller Bearings
  • 89″ Pickup (outside Panel to Panel) with 3 Bars and 42 Double Tines
  • Two Pickup Gauge Wheels
  • Manual Pickup Lift
  • Safety Chain
  • 11L x 14 Tires
  • 13″ Diameter Pickup Augers
  • Easy Bale Length Adjustment
  • Twine Knotters
  • Center Line Feed System
  • Dual Spring Bale Tensioning
  • Twine Storage Box – 6 Ball Capacity
  • Bale Counter
  • Parking Jack

45 PTO HP (minimum)

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  • Versatile performance
  • Solid reliability
  • Industry-exclusive in-line design
  • Solid, brick-shaped bales
  • Denser bales with consistent leaf distribution

Quality hay starts here.
Whether you bale a few acres a year or you’re a commercial producer, there’s one small square baler that can do it all — the Hesston 1800 Series.

Featuring the same efficient in-line design as our industry-leading large square balers, the Hesston 1800 Series runs directly behind the tractor and straddles the windrow like a round baler.

It offers benefits you just won’t find with conventional side-feed designs. Bottom line, you’ll just get better hay.

In-Line Ingenuity
Thanks to our exclusive in-line design, every small bale produced by our 1800 Series is easier to handle, stack and feed. Our bales are also denser, with more consistent bale flakes and less leaf loss.

Good-bye flimsy, banana-shaped bales that fall apart at the drop of a hat. The Hesston
1800 Series delivers bales that are consistently higher quality and uniform in shape.

On competitive balers, the plunger has to form, cut and compress the hay that’s side-delivered through the bale chamber into an individual bale slice.

On the Hesston 1800 Series, these operations are evenly distributed between the pre-forming chamber, packer/stuffer and plunger, which helps minimize peak loading on the entire drive system.

And because each bale flake is pre-formed before it goes into the bale chamber, the nutritious leaves are more evenly distributed and the same amount of crop is distributed to each side of the bale. The result is uniform bale density from top-tobottom, side-to-side and end-to-end.

The benefits of in-line design go far beyond better shaped bales. Because field and road positions are one in the same, you save time when you’re on the move. It also means the baler and any wagon pulled behind it are towed in a straight line, for less twist or strain on the baler frame. And the baler can adjust to ground contours faster and easier, since flotation tires are of equal size on both sides of the machine.