Hustler TH205 Trailed Bale Feeder Heavy Duty

H stands for Heavy duty. It represents our extreme duty machine, loaded with features that make this the strongest bale feeder on the market! From the ground up we’ve engineer the TH205 for extreme duty conditions. The TH205 is self-loading, suitable for feeding out any bale shape, size, type or density be it round or square, hay or balage, alfalfa or straw and it preserves the leaf maximizes feed value.
A Chainless trailed bale feeder minimizes feed waste by feeding out into narrow windrows to make the feed more accessible to animals and all but eliminate damage from hoof trampling, manure spoilage, and animals laying down on the feed. The increased effi ciency of our all hydraulic drive system and no need for a dangerous PTO reduces fuel consumption, gives the operator more control and eliminates the need for wearing parts and fl ails that cost you and arm and leg to maintain.

Hustler TH205 Specs
BALE SIZES ROUND Up to 5′ x 6′
BALE WEIGHT Up to 3300lbs ea.
UNIT WEIGHT 3,100lbs
CAPACITY 2 bales (round or square)
AXLES 6 stud, 2.25″ square
WHEELS 400/60-R15.5
MIN/MAX WIDTH 77″/106″
TINES 2 x forged high-tensile
HYDRAULICS REQUIRED 2 x double-acting, (8-16gal/min), 2250-3000 psi
LOADING Patented Total Control self-loading system

*over 6’ long requires optional platform extension



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  • EXCAVATOR GRADE BUSHINGS The loading system is on TH205 is uses hardened steel bushings the same as what’s used on excavators for ultimate durability and long life and slop-free operation.
  • OVERSIZE WHEELS Massive fl otation, and cushioning the TH205 comes standard with larger diameter, wider 400/60R15.5 wheels in trac-grip pattern for extra traction, and a smoother ride.
  • PUCK-BOARD PLATFORM The reinforced steel platform is overlaid with 3/8” thick puck board – the toughest poly material known to man. It maintains it’s slipperiness for ease of use, but at the same time can handle the impact of Hockey pucks at 105 mph whilst simultaneously enduring the coldest temperatures of the arctic!
  • LOAD BEARING PLATE We’ve added and extra plate in the tyne frame to transfer the load of the bale directly into the boom, rather than through the latching mechanism.
  • OVERSIZED CHASSIS PLATES The TH205 features beef’d up chassis plates which reinforce pivot points to ensure it can handle the larger loads with ease.
  • HEAVIER DRAWBAR We’ve up’d the wall thickness of the TH205’s drawbar to 3/8” wall to ensure longevity.
  • REINFORCED PLATFORM FRAME TH205 is built for durability from the ground up, with a double reinforced platform frame design with 5 additional support beams you can be guaranteed of years of trouble-free operation.