Hustler LX200 Bale Handler

Built for the contractor who simply cannot compromise on user-friendliness, strength, downtime or damaged bales. Field-tested to handle bales over two tons, the LX200 Softhands® are the favorite choice for large-scale ranchers and contractors who handle between 1,000 and 100,000 bales each year. And the bigger, taller hands allow you to move twice the number of bales in almost half the time it takes with smaller models.

LX200 Bale Handler Specs
BALE SIZES SQUARE Will clamp 36″ x 84″
BALE WEIGHT Up to 4,400 lbs
HYDRAULICS REQUIRED 1 x double-acting, 3-16gal/min, 2250-3000 psi


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  • HUGE 1 ½” PINS Largest in the industry, with beefed-up pivots and greasable, replaceable bushes.
  • LARGER HANDS Largest hands on the market allow operators to clamp two bales at once, reducing the time it takes to unload/load trucks. Also handles up to 4,400lb.
  • EQUALISER® BAR Factory fitted Equaliser® as standard which keeps hands moving simultaneously for precision bale control and operator safety.
  • NEW CONTOURED SHAPE Integrated, contoured nudge bars eliminate any bale tearing or ripping and support the bale better when driving across rough terrain.
  • THREE-POSITION ADJUSTABLE HANDS The easy-to-adjust threeposition hand design allows the LX200 to get the perfect grip on both round or square bales and operators can customize the position for different bale sizes.
  • EVEN CLAMPING PRESSURE The contoured design provides even clamping pressure on the bale eliminating pressure points and overstretched wrap.
  • SLIM HANDS The slim hand design reduces chance of damage to adjacent bales and allows bales to be stacked closer.
  • HEAVY-DUTY CONSTRUCTION The toughest bale handler on the market, the LX200 has proven itself time and time again with the largest of contractors.