Hustler LM100 Bale Handler

The most recent addition to the Hustler bale handler family, the LM100 was designed for ranchers on a budget. It is the perfect bale handler for ranchers who don’t need to move many bales. It is designed tough, predominately for handling round bales, and the compact design is suitable for any sized tractor.

Hustler LM100 Specs
BALE SIZES SQUARE Will clamp 35″ x 63″
BALE WEIGHT Up to 2,200 lbs
HYDRAULICS REQUIRED 1 x double-acting, 3-16gal/min, 2250-3000 psi


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  • MONOQUE MAIN FRAME The heart of the LM100 bale handler is the uniquely formed main frame, which is both strong, lightweight and smooth to reduce bale damage.
  • PATENTED FLOATING EQUALISER® The ultimate in precision bale handling, the Equaliser® keeps both hands moving simultaneously for accurate bale placement. The 2” of float makes loading and stacking easier.
  • HEAVY DUTY PIVOTS Large 1.25” pivot pins, with massive surface area provides years of trouble-free use. Greasable pivots also provide easy maintenance.
  • BALE SUPPORT The RHS center bars provide unparalleled bale support to reduce bale deformation during handling, and provide a better grip of the bale.
  • LOADER BRACKETS Standard with integrated Euro-Hitch, skid steer brackets or plain (no brackets). The LM100 has many other bracket options to suit other loaders.
  • TOP EXIT HOSES The hydraulic cylinder is fully protected inside the main structure and the top exit hoses are out of harms way when connecting to the loader.
  • SLIM HAND DESIGN The slim hand design slides between bales easier and simplifies stacking, loading and unloading.
  • UNIQUE HAND SHAPE The unique hand shape follows the radius of the bale for a perfect grip and the straight ends extend past the center point of the bale which allows the hands to easily slip between bales and eliminates damage to wrapping.