Hesston by Massey 1836 Square Baler


  • 14″ x 18″ (.4m x .5m) Bale Chamber
  • Adjustable Bale Length 12″ to 52″ (.3m to 1.3m)
  • U-Joint – Constant Velocity 3-Joint Driveline and Overrunning Clutch
  • Hypoid Gear box with Tapered Roller Bearings
  • 73.5″ (1.9m) Pickup (out side Panel to Panel) with 3 Bars and 33 Double Tines
  • Two Pickup Gauge Wheels
  • Equal Weight Distribution on both Wheels
  • Manual Pickup Lift
  • Safety Chain
  • 9.5L x 14 Floatation Tires
  • 11″ Diameter Pickup Augers
  • Tool Less Bale Length Adjustment
  • 92 Strokes per minute Plunger mounted on 7 Sealed Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Twine Knotters
  • Center Line Feed System
  • Dual Spring Bale Tensioning
  • Twine Storage Box – 4 Ball Capac ity
  • Bale Counter
  • Parking Jack
  • Tractor Requirements: 45 PTO HP (minimum), 540 RPM PTO

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Need a strong, reliable baler for small acreage?

The 1836 is one of the Hesston 1800 Series Small Square Balers, and is designed just for your needs. It builds 14×18 inch bales quickly and efficiently, with plunger speed of 92 strokes per minute and a pickup width of 70 inches.

Designed with the small hay producer or livestock owner in mind, this small baler is a tough little machine. The 1800 Series balers follow directly behind the tractor, and that means dense, high quality bales: no flimsy bales and less leaf loss. And you’ll be able to pull your loaded baler wagon over rolling terrains, especially important when you add the baler thrower option.

You’ll find the small, dense bales it produces are easier to handle, stack and feed, a very convenient feature we know you’ll appreciate.

Come in today and see why this new small square baler is going to make your baling and feeding chores a whole lot easier!