Little Kids, Big Thrills
If your child, 10 years old or older, is ready to take on the trails with you, the DS 90 gives them an exciting riding experience, while you get to control their speed and enhance their safety with the throttle limiter. And as their experience, confidence, and abilities begin to grow, you’ll be able to increase the speed they can safely enjoy.

Comfortable Ride That’s Also Stable
The DS features a long travel, A-Arm front suspension inspired by CanAm’s larger adult-sized ATV lineup. The smallfry will be able to ride longer in greater comfort with more stability.

Durable, Engaging Engines
The 4-stroke engines feature an electric starter, shift-less CVT transmission, and speed limiter. That means youngsters can focus their attention on the trail ahead and not have to worry about shifting.

Hop On and Go!
Some kids like to hop on and go using the convenient push-button electric start. Others love to fire the engine up themselves using a traditional, backup kick-start. The DS90 lets them choose.

Torque On Demand
The Shift-less Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) keeps riders in the right gear without any need to think about shifting or hopping off the vehicle for reverse.

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