Designed for riders aged 14 and up, the DS 250 was created as the last step before an adult-sized ATV. It pairs a liquid-cooled 250cc engine, CVT and larger chassis than the DS90, which is meant for younger, smaller kids.

You Can Control Their Speed
With a built-in throttle limiter, you can keep your child’s speed under control, adding greater speed as their experience, confidence, and abilities begin to grow. They have all the fun while you have less worries.

Safe, Exciting Rides
The DS features a long travel, A-Arm front suspension inspired by our larger adult-sized ATV lineup, meaning your child enjoys a stable, comfortable ride that’s geared toward safety.

Easy Starting Makes Riding Easier
Getting started on a DS is easy as pie. The 4-stroke engines feature an electric starter, shift-less CVT transmission, and speed limiter. Youngsters can focus on the trail ahead and thrill of riding instead of concentrating on technical or mechanical items.

Let ‘Em Hop On and Go!
Your child can use the convenient push-button electric start, or fire the engine up themselves using a traditional, backup kick-start. It’s a great intro to trail riding with ease.

Torque On Demand
The Shift-less Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) keeps riders in the right gear effortlessly. The forward-neutral-reverse capability can keep kids from worrying about shifting or hopping off the vehicle to engage reverse.

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