New Tractor Owner Videos

Are you a new tractor owner, having just purchased a Massey Ferguson? Congratulations!  These are great tractors. They work hard, perform well, and last a lifetime with proper maintenance. And as the only  local stocking authorized Massey dealer in Montrose, we service Massey Ferguson equipment. We also sell all the parts you'll ever need.

Our New Tractor Videos Make it Easy

Here at Montrose Implement, we want you to be totally comfortable with the operation of your new tractor. We're glad to provide these tractor videos to help you get started with attachments and general operations of this fine family of tractors. And of course, if you have questions, drop us an email or give us a call.
Read more about  Massey Ferguson tractors here. 

Maintenance Video

Maintaining a Massey Ferguson GC Tractor is extremely easy. This video will assist you in servicing your tractor and insuring it lasts a lifetime.  If you do  have questions about your tractor, or if you want our service department to do any - or all - of the maintenance, please let us know.  We sincerely appreciate your business!

GC Safety Device Video

A lever or switch in the wrong place will prevent the tractor from starting. And that's a great feature, because it keeps you safe. This video discusses the different safety devices and what to check if the tractor won't start.  If there's still a problem after watching this video, please contact us immediately.