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Massey Hesston 1838 Small Square Baler

For the medium-sized operator who needs a little more capacity, the Hesston 1838 offers a faster plunger speed and wider...

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Massey Hesston 1840 Small Square Baler

HESSTON 1840 – TOPS IN 14 X 18-INCH BALERS – The Hesston 1840 is the leader in high-capacity baling and...

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Massey Hesston 1745 4X5 Round Baler

Pro Grade. Practical Price. This baler is low on cost, but high on quality construction and advanced features. 1745 Round...

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Massey Hesston 2250 Large Square Baler from Montrose Implement & Motorsports

Massey Hesston 2250 Large Square Baler Roller Chute

When Hesston introduced the first large square baler in 1978, it quickly became a preferred solution for cattle, dairy, and...

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Disc Mowers & Windrowers


Massey Hesston 1393 Disc Mower Conditioner

The 1393 is a 13 ft center-pivot model MOCO equipped with the RazorEdge cutterbar. The spur gear design for the...

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Massey Ferguson DM205 Disc Mower

Every farmer and rancher has different needs. So no matter the size of your tractor or how tough and uneven...

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Massey Hesston WR9960 Windrower

The Smarter, More Powerful Way To Better Hay. No Other Windrower Helps You Produce Quality Hay Faster And More Efficiently....

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Massey Hesston WR9980 Self Propelled Windrower

No Other Self-Propelled Windrower Helps You Produce Quality Hay Faster, More Efficiently And More Comfortably. The WR9980 is one of...

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Massey Hesston 1376 Disc Mower Conditioner

If you’re looking for commercial-grade side-pull disc mower conditioners, look no further than our 1376 model with our patented razoredge...

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Rakes & Tedders


Sitrex QRX12 V Type Wheel Rake

Sitrex QRX12 V Type Wheel Rake QRX-12 Specs Number Of Finger Wheels 12 Finger Wheel Diameter 55″ – 1,4m Finger...

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Massey Ferguson 1512S 12 Wheel Vertical Fold Rake

The 1500 Series Vertical Fold Rakes from Massey Ferguson Commercial hay producers often need specialized drying tools when conditions call...

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Sitrex QRX14 V Type Wheel Rake

Sitrex QRX14 V Type Wheel Rake Number Of Finger Wheels 14 Finger Wheel Tine Diameter 0,28″ – 7mm Finger Wheel...

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Pequea 7′ Fluffer Tedder

FEATURES Ground drive or PTO 8 adjustable reel settings Dependable double belt drive Rubber mounted finger action Unique cam mechanism...

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We've Got Your Hay and Forage Equipment in Stock!


See us for the Massey Ferguson WR9900 Series. With all new headers for higher productivity, faster field speeds and more control, this machine provides better performance, and better hay. And all with more comfort than ever before. Increased horsepower now offers more capability, and you'll be to run disc, auger or draper headers all from the same windrower. The virtual computer terminal means enhanced precision and better control, because the terminal handles all main operations. Add to that the AGCO Power Tier 4 Final engine for muscle, and the WR9000 series will give you more power than ever before. Plus, the new VisionCab provides superior visibility while being more spacious and comfortable than earlier models.

Round Balers

Are you a large dairy or livestock farmer? Commercial hay producer? The Hesston by Massey Series 2900 round balers are designed for your operation. There balers are rugged and high-throughput, producing large, tight bales every time.Model 2956A, for example, builds bales 5'x6', weighing 2200 lbs., with ease. Minimum of 70 PTO hp needed; 90 PTO hp recommended.

Large Square Balers

The Hesston by Massey Ferguson 2200 Series Large Square Balers take baler technology even further with the ProCut™ Rotary Cutter option for a more precise cut with higher capacity, and simplified serviceability. Because large square balers can only turn a profit when performing at peak productivity, the 2200 Series was designed to make or save you money. Highly recommended for dairy and commercial operations, and biomass operations.

Small Square Balers

Strong and reliable for small acreages, the Hesston by Massey 1800 Series square balers are designed for tractors with minimum 50 PTO hp. Massey's in-line design means every small bale produced will be easier to handle, stack and feed. The 1800 Series Balers follow directly behind your tractor. You'll get dense, high-quality bales and less leaf loss. The 1836, for example, builds 14x18 inch bales, with plunger speed of 92 strokes per minute and a pickup width of 70 inches.

Rotary Disc Headers

The WR9900 Series now features the 9200 Series disc headers, new and more capable, with improved capacity and functionality, plus greater control. You'll have superior cut and windrow formation, as well as higher productivity. Improved header flotation means better response to uneven terrain, and in-cab hydraulic roll tension adjustments means easier adjustments all through the workday. There are numerous other improvements; call or visit with our in-store experts to learn more.

Disc Cutters and Disc Mowers

Smooth curs and superb conditioning can be yours with the 13000 Series Hesston Mowers from Massey Ferguson. This series let you fit your budget and your work needs: Choose from economy models with conditioning options or advanced center-pivot disc models. These rugged machines are ready to help you bring in your hay crop quickly and in great condition.

RK Series Rotary Rakes

Both custom and commercial operations will profit from using the RK Series single, dual and quad rotary rakes. These rakes gently sweep the crop into even, fluffier windrows for faster drying and better baling. Well-formed windrows lead to higher quality hay, and the RK Series will deliver them, with less dirt and debris.

Pequea Fluffer Tedder

The fluffer tedder allows you o aerate hay as a last step before baling or chopping. Unique action gently lifts and releases hay with minimum damage to leaves. Ground drive or PTO, this is an all-around ideal unit for farmers who insists on high-quality forage. Ask our farming experts for more details.

Sitrex QRX14 V Type Wheel Rake

The new QRX range of “V” type wheel rakes come with either 12 or 14 wheels. Easy to use, with a strong frame, these machines provide excellent quality and quantity performance They are also very compact, guaranteeing excellent maneuverability in narrow spaces and over irregular ground. You'll also appreciate their stability while working and during transport. They are equipped with features similar to more expensive rakes, but ensure reasonable operating costs.