Massey Ferguson Sub-Compact Tractors

The Sub-Compact That Works Hard For You

Customers tell us that Massey has really hit it out of the park with the GC1723 sub-compact tractor. These small, affordable tractors are massey-gc1700-compact-tractor-loader-backhoe extremely hard working, and come with some of the valuable options found on larger machines, especially the front end loader and the backhoe. These features mean that small-acreage owners can manage their properties without having to pay for, and maintain, a full-sized tractor.

If you own five acres or less, a mountain property or hunting acreage, you’ll enjoy the value of the GC1723 sub-compact. And snow removal businesses, sprinkler system businesses and landscapers are also discovering the convenience and usefulness of these machines. The controls and pedals are similar to those found in a ride-on lawn tractor. The operator seat is surprisingly comfortable, and you won’t need a large barn to store the machine.

New Features Are Superior to the Competition’s Sub-Compact

New features of this series are superior to those of a lot of competitors in the compact and subcompact tractor market. For example, a skid steer quick attach front end loader replaces the old pin-on loaders. That means you can attach anything on this loader that a skid steer would attach. It’s outfitted with levers that allow you to quickly attach bucket pallet forks, snow pushers, and other implements you need. This feature is not only a real time saver, it will make your work hours around the property much easier!

And Massey Ferguson has reinforced these tractors with a full metal hood. A lot of competitors build plastic hoods on their sub-compacts, but metal hoods add to the life of the tractor. In addition, Massey has installed a rear-facing radiator which pushes the hot air away from the operation station. A front-facing radiator pulls fresh air from the operator position, which moves through the engine bay and out to the front. If you spend much time mowing in the heat of the day, you’ll really appreciate the difference!

Comfort Features and Other Improvements

Despite being an economy model, the GC1723EB still comes with cruise control, side-by-side hydrostatic pedals, and a tilt steering wheel. The high back seat is spring loaded, meaning you can get more work done with less fatigue.

Plus, in addition to all the other improvements, the GC1723EB has the most powerful subcompact tractor backhoe on the market today. Large cylinders provide a break-out force of nearly 2500 pounds and a six and a half foot dig depth. Even better, you can easily remove the backhoe with the attaching pins, while still keeping your three-point mounted. That means no disassembling the three-point when you’re taking the backhoe on and off.

Massey hasn’t scrimped on these machines: they still has the same proven drive train, hydrostatic power steering, 2 post fixed ROPS and other popular Massey Ferguson features. This new tractor, though, also has a tilt steering column, forward and reverse foot pedal, rubber floor mat, covered storage compartment and turn signals, flashers and tail lights.

Ready for a new sub-compact tractor? Come on in and ask us for a demo of this little workhorse. You’ll see why people are so excited about it!

Ben Leben

Ben is in the sales department at Montrose Implement & Motorsports. An outdoor enthusiast, Ben is equally comfortable discussing ATV's and Side-by-Sides, Snowmobiles, Tractors and Implements.