Massey Ferguson 1700M Series Compact Tractors with No DPF

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Back in 1994, emissions standards began to change for off-road diesel engines.  The EPA and all the major diesel engine manufacturers created agreements regarding admission standards starting in that year. It began with Tier 1 standards, and as each tier was rolled out, the regulations became more stringent. Tier 4, the final set of regulations, was rolled out in 2014. Diesel engine manufacturers worked to outfit engines with new components as each phase of the standards was rolled out.  They also created aftermarket refits to match the new standards.

The DPF – Diesel Particulate Filter  –  was designed in the 1980s to capture diesel engine particulate matter from diesel engine emissions. Back then, it was seen as a big step forward towards cleaner air. Diesel particulates are the unburned carbon solid particles that are released from the engine. The DPF prevented these particles from being released into the air, so there was very little “smoke” showing up in diesel exhaust.

As it turned out, DPF systems were often less efficient than expected. And they needed a good deal of maintenance.  The unexpected breakdowns cost the operators time and money.

But the new regulations brought newer technology, and it solved these issues. Large tractors were being offered with other solutions than DPF.

But compact tractors still carried DPF technology and all its attendant problems.

Massey 1735 – 1760M Models: NO DPF

Since Massey’s larger tractors have run with a DEF system rather than DPF for some time now, the company decided to make a change to their premium compact line, as well.

massey-ferguson-1750M-compact-cab-tractor-mainIn  2018, the company introduced  the 1700M Series with clean-burning Tier 4-compliant turbocharged diesel engines. Five models range from 36-60 hp. The MF1735M and MF1740M are equipped with a Shibaura 3-cylinder diesel. The MF1750M, MF1755M and MF1760M are equipped with Shibaura 4-cylinder diesel engines.

Tier 4 emissions standards are met with an exhaust gas recirculation valve (EGR) and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC). The 1700M Series emissions are reduced to acceptable levels, with maintenance-free systems. And that’s been a big hit with Massey’s compact tractor operators.

The Downsides are Gone for Good

Downsides of the DPF were excessive heat buildup, downtime related to emissions, and higher maintenance costs. The new,  non-DPF engines can be shut down at any time without fear of bypassing necessary regeneration. Massey Ferguson says they have seen high success with the Shibaura engines they first installed in the economy compact lineup, and decided that “placing them in the latest premium compact tractors made a lot of sense.”

With an emissions system that is now practically trouble-free. and maintenance-free, you’ll save time and fuel. You’ll also avoid the intense heat that used to build in the exhaust system during the filter regeneration process in a DPF system. . Come in and ask our tractor experts for a demo of a 1700M Series Massey Ferguson compact.


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