Massey and Woods Implements: Unbeatable Combination

Unsurpassed Quality and Durability

As a Massey Ferguson dealer, we sell Woods implements, and have done so for years. The two companies have partnered for design improvement, and now bring you a full line of implements in Massey’s signature red color. See us for rotary cutters, finishing mowers, flailMassey Ferguson and Woods Implements shredders, rear-mounted snow blowers and landscape equipment. Woods attachment purchases are now supported by AGCO Finance programs.

Some of the Most Popular Woods Equipment Products


This rotary cutter can conform to all your rolling terrain because of its innovative drive system and 3-piece, hinged decks. These are the deepest decks in the industry and you can use them to muscle through your toughest farm, ranch and utility. Waterway upkeep and roadside maintenance are no challenge, either. The Woods Batwing rotary cutter will tame long grass, cut your wildest brush, and remove trees up to 4” in diameter. A Woods implements winner!


When your open areas are struggling with weeds and brush, the Single Spindle Rotary Cutter is the implement you need. Choose from the economical RC Series or the tough BrushBull™ models.
All of Woods single spindle rotary cutters feature high-strength steel and quality parts for long-lasting and reliable performance. They are engineered with a unique, smooth and sloped decks for easy cleaning, reduced debris build-up of debris, and a water-shedding profile that prevents trapped water. That all helps prevent the deck from damage. Added driveline protection- stump jumpers- come standard on all models.
You’ll be able to maintain fields, pastures and recreational trails with any of these rotary cutters. But if you need an implement to tame tough brush, take a look at the the rugged and reliable BrushBull mowers. They come in standard, medium, and heavy duty models, and you can match your cutting task to deck size. (Widths up to 84 inches.)
A 3-year gearbox warranty, one of the best in the industry, covers these cutters.


Cutting down or chopping up? The durable Multi-Spindle Cutter is up to the task. A selection of styles from standard-duty dual-spindle models to triple-spindle heavy duty cutters lets you choose exactly what you need. And they all bring the strength and durability you expect from Woods implements.
Designed with heat-treated, alloy steel gears and full-length, bolted-on replaceable skid shoes, these implements are ready to take on the heavy cutting. Cross ditches and steep inclines with ease, as the improved floating hitch keeps weight off the cutter. The smooth, sloped deck helps shed water and debris to reduce rust and corrosion.
And these machines are designed to keep you working: a quick change blade pin system lets you switch cutting blades quickly. Less time replacing, more time cutting.


When you’re looking for the ultimate cut, look no further than Woods rear-discharge finish mowers. These mowers provide exceptional material distribution and a quality cut with a deep deck, baffling, and the Woods implements unique rear discharge design. Woods’ unique rounded-front, tapered-side rear discharge deck means exceptional maneuverability and reduced trim time.
Pick the most efficient mower for your needs: Standard Duty (54″-72″), Medium Duty (60″- 84″) or Heavy Duty (90″).


When you’re relying on dependable performance, these mowers won’t let you down. They are shaft-driven through a gear box with a v-belt that drives the three spindles. Easily removed in just a few minutes, these convenient mowers come off fast so you’re ready for the next job. You can also raise and lower the 3-point hitch without moving the mower, as the decks can be locked in the up position.
The 54″ mulching mower has a steel mulching chambers with 2 blades per spindle, and deposits fine grass clippings to feed your lawn.
Small yard? Try the standard side discharge mower. The 60″ standard side discharge mower makes easy work of larger areas.


Whatever Winter throws at you, you can handle with a Woods snow blower. The Woods Standard Series is designed for sub-compact and compact tractors. Heavy Duty snow blowers are built for tractors with a range of 60 – 175 hp.
Six working widths from 54 to 108 inches give you the range you need, and a 2-stage design gives you more throwing force with less hp.


Before you can smooth hard ground, you need to loosen it. That’s when you need the Woods Box Scraper. Standard and Medium Series models are available in a range of sizes designed for sub-compact, compact and utility tractors. Medium duty models come with heavier end plates and an optional floating, hinged tailgate for maximum down-force on the cutting edge.


Massey Ferguson offers a wide range of post hole diggers, including Woods Standard, Medium & Heavy-Duty diggers. Perfect for farmers, landscapers, deck builders who need to augur deep, straight postholes. They are the tool you need when you want to quickly plant trees and shrubs.
Tough jobs are no match for the rugged gearbox with tapered roller bearing. And we can ensure the best tool for any application with our wide range of auger bits (6″ – 48″).


Tilling? Choose a 60″, 72″ or 84″ model, with5, 6, or 7 discs to match your tilling needs. Designed for homes, small farms and nurseries, these disc harrows are either all notched or a combination of notched and smooth, for maximum productivity. The heavy-duty, 3″ x 3″ structural tubular construction is triple-sealed, and self-aligning ball bearings mean years of exceptional tilling.

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