JCB Equipment for AG & Construction - Colorado Western Slope

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Our JCB Lineup

Montrose Implement is proud to add JCB Construction Equipment to our dealership.

SKID STEERS, Featuring the Powerboom Arm

These skids steers are the most innovative on the market because they are designed with a single loader arm ( the JCB Powerboom.) These machines are stronger and safer than any other skid steer loaders on the market.  And they are powerful, and packed with comfort and safety features operators value,.

Wheeled For Best Performance on Flat Surfaces
A skid steer does almost everything a compact track loader can do, but wheels (versus tracks) make operation more comfortable. A wheeled skid steer is also lighter, easier to transport, and best suited for flat or paved surfaces. This machine is the perfect workhorse for warehouse and industrial facilities uses. It also performs extremely well outdoors for roadwork, excavating and digging on flat surfaces.

All The Attachments You’ll Need
Landscapers value the JCB skid steer loaders because with attachments you can mow, grade, backfill, clear land, grind stumps and plow snow. They’re the machine of choice for demolition or construction projects. If you’re looking for skid steer loaders for sale in Colorado, check out our full line of attachments and visit us to see the variety of skid steers available.



Small machines, big power. Mini excavators are the solution when you need a workhorse you can easily transport with no special equipment or commercially licensed driver. Plus, with virtually no tail swing, they’re perfect for hard work in tight spaces.

Performance for High Productivity
Easy to operate and extra-comfortable cabs means operators can work faster, better and with fewer breaks. JCB’s newest technology warns operators of potential overload, minimizing accidents even with maximized loads.



Compact Track Loaders, featuring the JCB Powerboom, are stronger and safer than conventional machines, but still deliver all the features that owners and operators demand. Their compact size and easy maneuverability make them perfect for big jobs in small spaces. The tracks make it a better choice for work on uneven terrain, or in muddy, rainy or snowy conditions. Ideal for road and highway construction work, demolition, excavation and landscaping or agricultural work. JCB’s heavy construction means power for digging, moving heavy materials or pushing piles of debris and clearing land.



JCB telehandlers - the world’s most popular - are available in a variety of configurations and size. Durable, versatile, and offering a low cost of ownership, they’re a vital part of succeeding in today’s competitive construction market. The Telehandler is simply one of the most versatile of all the JCB construction vehicles.

Switch Attachments as Needed
They are superior to forklifts when used to lift, move, and place heavy materials because the operator can switch to different attachments as needed. And their ability to reach and place items telescopically in remote locations adds a whole new layer of utility. Move palletized loads indoor or outdoors, run it on rough or smooth terrain. When you’re considering  construction equipment for sale, look at the JCB line of Telehandlers.



JCB has redefined versatility with the Teleskid by combining the best features of a telehandler and skid steer. This gives you the abilities of four machines: a forklift, telescopic handler, compact loader, and a skid steer. And that means unbeatable productivity.



JCB wheel loaders have long set the standard for high power and high torque, matching unparalleled performance with practical application. Every wheel loader in the JCB product line features a no-DPF, Tier 4 Final engine, which means reduced servicing and maintenance costs, and maximum uptime. Plus, JCB’s no-DPF engines mean no hazardous, high-temperature regeneration, enhancing safety in dusty, flammable environments. Engines and transmissions are optimized for maximum efficiency at low RPMs.

Ergonomically Design Cabs for Comfort, Safety
These vehicles also feature the most comfortable cab on the market, the JCB CommandPlus cab, ergonomically designed to ensure the industry’s best visibility and a distraction-free environment.