Hesston Hay Equipment Videos

We present these Hesston videos to help you learn a little more about these fine balers. When it comes to hay and forage equipment for the Western Slope, there's no finer choice than the Massey-Hesston line.

But like every other piece of equipment, the Hesston baler needs proper maintenance to keep it running at peak performance. A smooth-running baler builds the bales you want - neat, compact, dense. The following video will help you understand the maintenance your Hesston inline square baler requires to run right.

Of course, we service Hesston balers of all kinds, and we carry a deep parts inventory. See us for all your Hesston needs.

Learn more about Hesston equipment here. 

How to Maintain Your Inline Square Baler

Any machine runs better and lasts longer with proper maintenance done regularly.  Here's a look at how to do that.

Inside the Hesston Big Square Baler

Ever wondered what's going on inside a big square baler? This video will show you. It's pretty amazing how this machine takes loose hay and forms it into a tight, rectangular package that can be trucked many states away. We're proud to offer this machine for sale. Our factory-trained technicians are waiting to perform any service work needed to keep it working for many acres to come.