woods attachment offer

Receive an instant rebate on Woods Massey Ferguson Program Red Implements when you purchase a qualifying Massey Ferguson Tractor and qualifying Woods Implement.

Qualifying Equipment and Implements Include (All other Implements, including prior models and discontinued products, are ineligible. Only new implements are eligible. Instant rebate cannot be combined with any other Woods implement incentive or special discount program, including the Government Bid Program.)

Woods Massey Ferguson Program Red Implement Models (note: part numbers must contain a "MF" prefix or suffix in the part number and be in new condition):

Woods Implements:

  • RC-Series Cutters: RC3.5, RC4, RC5, RC6
  • BrushBull™ Single Spindle Rotary Cutters: BB48X, BB60X, BB72X,BB84X, BB600X, BB720X, BB840X, BB840X-P, BB840XQ, BB6000X, BB7200X, BB8400X
  • Batwing® Rotary Cutters: BW12, BW15.50, BW10.60, BW15, BW180X, BW126X, BW180XHD, BW126XHD, BW1800X, BW1260X, BW240, BW1620X, BW240HD, BW2400X
  • Multi-Spindle Rotary Cutters: DS8.30, MDS8.30, DS8.50, MDS8.50, DSO8.50, DS10.40, MDS10.40, DS10.50, MDS10.50, DSO10.50, DS12.50, MDS12.50, TS14.60, MTS14.60, DS96, MDS96, DS120, MDS120, DS1260, MDS1260, DSO1260, DS1440, MDS1440, TS1680, MTS1680
  • Finish Mowers: RDC54, RD60, RD72, PRD6000, PRD7200, PRD8400, RD990X
  • Turf Batwings: TBW150C, TBW144, TBW180, TBW204
  • Shredders: S12ED, S15ED, S18ED, S20ED, S15CD, S20CD, S22CD, S25CD, S27CD, S30CD
  • Ditchbanks: DBH5.30, DBH6.30
  • Snow Blowers: SB54S, SB64S, SB74C, SB84C, SS84-2, SS96-2, SS108-2
  • Rear Blades: RB84.60, RB96.60, RB750, RB850, RB990, RB1010
  • Disc Harrows: DHS48, DHS64, DHS80, , DHM80, DHM96, DHH108, DHH126, DHH144
  • Seeders: PSS48, PSS60, PSS72, PSS84, FPS48, FPS60, FPS72, FPS84
  • Cultipackers: C72, C84
  • Tillers: RT42.30, RTR42.30, RT48.30, RTR48.30, RT60.40, RTR60.40, RT72.40. RTR72.40, TS44, TSR44, TS52, TSR52, TS60, TSR60, TC60, TCR60, TC68, TCR68, TC74, TCR74
  • Stump Grinders: TSG50

Massey Ferguson Tractors:

  • GC1700 Series Sub-Compact Tractors
  • 1700 Series Premium Compact Tractors
  • 1700E Series Economy Compact Tractors
  • 2600 Series Utility Tractors
  • 2700E Series Utility Tractors
  • 4600 Series Utility Tractors
  • 4600M Series Utility Tractors
  • 4700 Series Utility Tractors