2024 Ski-Doo Summit Has Exciting New Features

Ski-Doo Neo 2024

Ski-Doo 2024 Summit Neo The 2024 Ski-Doo Summit Neo+ Rotax 600EFI-55 is here! If you’re a mountain rider, the new engine means you will retain full horsepower even at 8000 ft. and higher. The Summit Neo uses the 40-HP version of the Rotax 600 EFI 2-stroke. The Neo+ boosts the power up to 55 HP…

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Ski-Doo Snowmobile Safety Tips

ski-doo safety hero

Snowmobile Safety Tips There’s not much that’s as exciting as hitting the slopes on a Ski-Doo, but even experienced riders need to be aware of the rules for safely enjoying mountainous terrain. With proper precautions, risk awareness, and an honest understand of your own limits, days on the mountains can be exhilarating, as well as…

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Performance Sled or Utility Sled?

What Are You Going to Do With Your Snowmobile? Do you want a performance sled or utility sled? Snowmobiles have been around since the 1920s, it’s been only recently that you could  consider asking yourself which style of sled you wanted. In fact, it was just over a decade ago that sleds for the mountain…

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