Can-Am Smart Shox

Can-Am Smart Shox

By now, you’ve probably heard about Smart Shox.

They were introduced by Can-Am several years back, and they took the industry by storm.

These shocks are the first fully self-adjustable suspension technology. Nine sensors detect wheel position direction on all four corners, as well as speed, at 200 times per second. That data gets sent continuously to an onboard computer.

In response, Smart Shox adjusts both the compression and rebound damping forces virtually instantly. It measures the wheel position, while also measuring the velocity of how the tires are moving. And it adjusts immediately. Go full soft to full firm in 17 milliseconds.

Smart Shox has the industry’s fastest reacting electronically actuated valve. Combine that with Fox’s patented position sensitive bypass technology, and the system is ready for anything. Better yet, it’s designed for every rider: from casual riders to trail masters looking for a thrill-a-minute.

These shocks and their controls mean that any rider can enjoy multiple riding modes. There’s no excessive squat during hard acceleration. Body roll is reduced, and traction improved. You’ll actually feel the increased stability when cornering and the reduced weight transfer when braking. And unlike driving any other side-by-side, you’re going to experience ultimate performance control and comfort on any terrain. Every time.

Smart Shox Adjust on the Fly

One of the best  features of Smart Shox is that there are three different driving modes you can employ, and you can adjust on the fly to See Smart Shox in Actionaddress the different terrain you’re covering.

Can-Am Calls It a “Plush” Ride

And once you drive this vehicle, you’ll understand why. This is the ultimate in off-road comfort. Smart-Shox have removed the compromise between race-winning handling and a comfortable, all-day ride for all passengers. You can go anywhere and drive it the way you like, changing it up as you venture out.

And, Yeah, It’s a Beast of a Ride When You Let it Loose

Now you can dominate at the touch of a button, running with a competitive advantage when you need it, and bringing excitement to any fun ride out on the trail.

Because the system is constantly monitoring wheel position and velocity for improved shock absorption and filtering, it acts on both compression and rebound. In fact, it is the only system in the industry with rebound. That means better ground surface tracking and increased traction. Better launches. And far comfort on uneven terrain.

Expect better control, too. Less front and rear bounce, minimal vehicle body movement, and auto adjustment to any type of terrain after you select a driving mode. You can choose from Comfort, Sport, or Sport+.  Select your driving mode and feel how the improved stability provides high performance with high confidence.

And, of course, there’s comfort. Every wheel provides soft and hard damping advantages at the same time, instantly. Even bottom-out and topping-out protection is factored into the automatic calibration.

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