Outlander DPS 570

Performance and good looks with a proven Rotax engine that offer unmatched power and performance while remaining both reliable and efficient. Easy power steering that adapts to the vehicle's speed. Comes with cast aluminum wheels and Carlisle Trail Wolf Tires for top performance on rugged terrain and changing conditions. The Outlander comes with the industry’s only independent rear suspension where the rear wheels pivot up and down in a vertical line rather than a more cumbersome butterfly motion. Hit the trails with confidence!

Outlander Max XT 570

A machine built for unmatched off-road performance, with wider, revised suspension that makes the most of legendary Rotax power. And now it tows up to 1,650 lbs. Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with engine braking, Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS™) and heavy-duty front and rear bumpers mean you can go farther and harder in any terrain. The 3,000 lb winch comes standard. 12-cast aluminum wheels and painted plastics give this one a premium look. Multi-position passenger handgrips and raised floorboards mean more comfort no matter how long you ride.

Outlander Max XT 650

Unmatched all-terrain performance, with wider, revised suspension to take best advantage of the legendary Rotax power. You'll tow up to 1,650 lbs. XT now has an added winch for ultimate flexibility and recovery.

Tough terrain can't faze this machine with its Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS): Easy steering assistance adapts its response to the vehicle’s speed, minimizing your steering effort. Assistance is increased at lower speeds and reduced at higher speeds, giving maximum feel to the rider. Choose between three modes to match the conditions. You'll take your ride further with the new front arched A-arms, sway bar, and wider stance. Do it all in style, with new cast-aluminum wheels and 6-ply ITP Terracross tires that ensure a more comfortable ride and a strong off-road grip.

Outlander MAX XT 850

Ready to take on any terrain? Legendary Rotax power, new front arched A-arms, sway bar, and wider stance, plus Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) for easy steering with less effort. Heavy duty front and rear bumpers, 14 inch cast-aluminum wheels, and 26-in ITP Terracross radial tires add safety and surface grip, wherever you're heading. Painted plastics add a premium look, and multiposition passenger handgrips and raised floorboards add to all-day comfort. Handlebar wind deflectors and a water-resistant rear compartment add extra convenience.




Can-Am ATVs for Sale

When the Western Slopes of Colorado are calling you, are they yelling "Can-Am ATV?" We carry the Can-Am Outlander, Outlander XT and Outlander DPS for your riding pleasure.

Colorado is an outdoor playground all year-round. If you think “4-wheelers, Western Slope” when you’re planning your weekend getaway, we’ve got the Can-Am equipment, and the helpful information, to make your off-road motor sports adventures fun and safe.

When you're ready for an ATV for sale, we're your Western Slope source for Can-Am ATVs and Can-Am Side-by-sides.

Motor sports. Western Slope.

For Day trips or weekends, Montrose, CO is in the heart of it all. From Montrose, you can easily access trails and open public land in the San Juans, and the Uncompahgre area.

Looking to ride your Can-Am ATV near Montrose, CO?

In Montrose-Peach Valley, you’ll find the following trails: Bobcat, Chukar, Smith Mountain and Wave Eagle.

Or head to the Uncompahgre Plateau to conquer the trails there: Boulder Canyon, Cactus Ridge, Calamity Canyon , Death Row, Die Trying, Scratch and Dent and Topless.

And if those trail names don’t get your pulse racing, head up to the San Juans to test your skills on these trails: Black Bear, California Gulch, Cinnamon Pass, Corkscrew, Engineer Pass, Imogene, Maggie Gulch, Mineral Creek, Minnie Gulch, Ophir Pass, Red Mountain, Smith Gulch, Hurricane Pass, and Yankee Boy Basin.

For maps and information about these trails, click here.

And to find more off-road trails in the state, click here.

A Sport for The Whole Family

Off-roading is an exciting (and some say addicting) motor sport the entire family can enjoy together. Kids as young as 6 or 7 years of age can learn to ride on small, safe tracks driving kid-sized ATVs, and ride with adults on off-road trials, generally in a Side-by-Side until they are old enough to manage their own ATV.

Get The Right Size ATV For the Kids

Because controlling an ATV means using the entire body, the vehicle your child rides must be small enough and light enough for him to safely maneuver it. Accidents happen when smaller children try to control ATVs too large for their size and strength. Children under ten years old may not ride separately on off-road vehicles except at designated off-road tracks.

Teens and adults learn on standard size vehicles, but must possess a valid driver's license to ride off-road trails. Kids 10 years old and over may ride their own ATVs, as long as they are riding within visual contact of an adult who possesses a valid driver’s license from Colorado or any other state.

Safety Considerations

Off-roading can be a rough and challenging sport, so wearing the right safety gear is as important as making sure your machine is in top running condition. Be dressed for the ride with a helmet, a pair of safety gloves, boots, googles and a chest protector. Long sleeve shirts and long pants will complete the safety gear. Full gear is especially critical for children, whose riding skills and abilities may not always be developed enough for conditions they encounter on Colorado's rugged off-roading trails.

Since most ATVs are ridden on public trails and often on BLM public lands, it’s important to know the rules, regulations, and registration permit details. Click here to read about rules, regs and registration permits.

And to familiarize yourself with Colorado state park land rules and regulations, click here.

Which ATV is Right For You?

When it comes to ATVs, Can-Am is the leader of the pack. These rugged machines are known for their superior comfort, maximum power, incredible handling and solid traction. Whether you plan to use one for farm and ranch work, hunting, or as a pleasure vehicle, these ATVs will do what you need.

If you’re looking at 4 wheelers for sale on the Western Slope, we invite you to visit our showroom. We are one of the most experienced ATV dealers on the Western Slope, and our professional staff can help you decide what style and model of ATM would best suit your needs.

Pick Your Machine

If you’re planning to use your ATV strictly for sports riding, a sport quad would fit the bill. We are proud to carry Can-Am ATVs in a number of models. When you’re looking for ATVs for sale Colorado snowmobilers, we’ve got what you need.

If you plan to use your ATV for work or hunting (anytime you need to carry extra gear), then a Side-by-Side (SxS) might be your best bet. And if you want to ride the vehicle with your kid, spouse or friend, then a Side-by-Side fits the bill.

Check Out Our Showroom Models

We can help you match your ATV with your riding needs. In our showroom, you'll meet the Can-Am Renegade, the most powerful ATV in the industry, with extremely agile handling and incredible performance features. With models designed for mud, sports performance, and all around pushing the boundaries of off-roading, the Renegade will satisfy your desire for riding rough. We also carry The Outlander, a machine known for power, reliability and comfort.

We also stock The Defender, a powerful Side-by-Side, built to take on tough tasks with performance and strength. Boasting tight and precise steering, and a 4-mode traction system that takes on any terrain, The Defender can meet both your work and sport needs.

And if you need to challenge tight terrain, we can match you with a member of the Maverick line of Side-by-Sides.

Want to learn more about our Can-Am ATVs or Can-Am Side-by-Sides for sale? Come on in, or give us a call.