Performance Sled or Utility Sled?

What Are You Going to Do With Your Snowmobile?

Do you want a performance sled or utility sled?

Although snowmobiles have been around since the 1920s, it’s been only a short time that you could even consider asking yourself which style of sled you wanted or needed. In fact, it was just over a decade ago that sleds for the mountain conditions of U.S. and Canadian mountains – deep powder and steep, high slopes – were designed.
Before that, if you wanted to tackle the Rockies or other Western mountain ranges, you did the best you could on short track sleds, or found a way to modify the sleds yourself for deep powder adventures.

It’s a Different Ride on a Mountain

Simply put, snowmobiling up a steep mountain slope is harder than riding a snowmobile on a flat trail. So mountain snowmobiles like the Ski-Doo Summit  are 2020 summit snowmobiledesigned for specifically that purpose. These sleds feature engines with high power output so you can have adequate force for climbing the inclines of the Western mountains.

The Ski-Doo Summit lineup is powered by a roaring Rotax engine. The throttle response has been improved, the machine has crisp acceleration, and the high HP engine has the force to help you climb the slopes.

Narrow body panels, bottom pan, tunnel and running boards have all been designed for optimal interface with snow in mountain conditions. You’ll be able to maneuver through tight trails. And the tracks are designed with longer lugs for improved traction on slopes. Seating is designed for deep snow riding, and you’ll ride all day in comfort.

Utility Snowmobiles That Are Comfortable, Convenient and Affordable

Of course, snowmobiles aren’t just recreational vehicles. If you need a snowmobile to carry out your daily tasks –working in the field, or hauling cargo—the utility 2020 Expedition snowmobilesled is a more practical choice.

These snowmobiles have longer and wider frames than mountain sleds. Their suspension is designed for heavy duty workloads, and they can carry a decent amount of cargo. They also have a hitch for towing sleds behind them. They are designed for lower speed applications.

If you own land and need easy winter transportation, the Ski-Doo Expedition Sport model might be your sled of choice. The suspension provides a refined ride on trail and on top of powder, giving you options and ease of travel. The sled has a lightweight and durable chassis design, which allows for precise control from a variety of riding positions. You’ll be able to take on a wide range of terrain, riding casually or aggressively.

Built with a powerful Rotax engine, adjustable ski stance, a 2-up seat with backrest and lots of other features, this snowmobile was designed for price-conscious riders who need the ideal utility-touring hybrid.

Come in today and let our snowmobile specialists help you choose the model you need.


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