Bale Handlers

Hustler bale handlers come in two models, one for farmers and one for commercial operations. They all are built with patented features designed to handle more bales with less deformation or damage. Soft Hands® bale handlers are ready to fit your skid steer loader, tele-handler, or front end loader.

Bale Handlers for Farmers

Built specifically for round bales, the Softhands LM100® round bale handler has an optional patented floating Equaliser® system and carries Hustler’s 4-year warranty for added peace of mind.

It can move  bales up to 70 inches and 2200 lbs.

Designed to slip easily between bales and prevent damage to bales being handled, as well as the bales on either side, the Softhands also allows for closer stacking. In addition, the compact design keeps the load close to the tractor, which reduces load on tractors front axle. Because there's no pinch point, damage to the bales is further reduced.

Add in the excellent operator control and easy operation and the four year warranty - longest on the market - and the Hustler Softhands LM 100 is clearly a great value.

Contractor Bale Handler

The  versatile LX200 Softhands®  bale grab can handle both square and round bales, making it the perfect bale handler for large farm operations and commercial operators.

Strong, reliable, and with the tallest hands on the market, you can safely clamp 2 bales at a time. There's more grip on the bale, meaning less  damage and deformation than with conventional bale grabs. Horizontal nudge bars eliminate pinch points and minimize ripped or damage bales.. And the LX200 Softhands field-tested to handle bales up to two tons.

This handler is built for ultimate control and safer operation, with an equalizer bar that ensures you can place bales exactly where you need them.

Double your capacity and cut the time it takes to unload or load a truck, and move hundreds of thousands of bales each year.