Bale Feeders

Hustler offers bale feeders in several models. They're all built tough for reliability and can be used to feed both round and square bales. The design helps maximize feed usage, minimize feed waste, and save work time, as well.

Mounted Chainless Bale Feeders

Hustler's chainless mounted processor feeds every type of square or round bale. Square bales of all sizes can be worked, as well as round bales up to 6x4 feet. (Longer round bales will need the optional platform extension.)

Self-loading, with a patented, hands-free quick hitch system,  this bale feeler also minimizes feed waste.

Without chains, these bale feeders are reliable, lower maintenance and  operate quietly, keeping the stock more comfortable. Plus, the feed is fluffed up and easier for the cattle to eat, saving you money.

Trailed Chainless Bale Feeders

Simply the most versatile bale feed, able to handle any size bale, round or square, tight, soft short, long, dry or wet. You'll be able to feed round bales  up to 5x6 feet, and any size square bale, although over 6 feet requires the optional platform extension.

Designed for medium to large operations, the chainless trailed bale feeder minimizes feed waste by feeding out into narrow windrows. This makes the feed easier for your animals to access, while eliminating damage from hoof trampling, manure spoilage, and animals lying down on the feed.

It offers impressive fuel economy, too ,thanks to the hydraulic drive system at the heart of every Hustler chainless trailed bale feeder.