2021 Ski-Doo Summit Has Exciting New Features

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The 2021 Ski-Doo Summit 850 E-TEC Turbo which was released in early 2020, features the industry’s first-ever turbocharged two-stroke engine. If you’re a mountain riders, the new engine means you will retain full horsepower even at 8000 ft. and higher. That’s a 40HP advantage over existing engines.

But Ski-Doo, of course, wasn’t done innovating. They introduce new suspension designs, as well as a new 600cc mill that will end Ski-Doo’s use of carbureted engines.

Rear Suspension For Even More Compliant Ride

Ski-Doo’s rMotion rear suspension has long been considered a performance benchmark in the industry, and the 2021 rMotion X Rear 2021-Ski-Doo-rMotion-XSuspension will please riders with how it brings bump absorption to a new level.

The rMotion X features a huge five-pound weight reduction, and that means you’ll have less unsprung mass for a more compliant ride. Revised geometry of the sled offers a longer rear shock, and that adds an extra inch of suspension travel.

According to Ski-Doo, “The front arm of the rMotion X rear suspension is what mates the back and front together, and creates perfect harmony over the chassis dynamics of the entire sled. By extending the length of the front arm, engineers reduced the angle that forces are transferred into the chassis, creating the ideal weight transfer back and forth.”

In short: New suspension, better weight transfer, smoother ride.

RAS X Front Suspension to Complement rMotion X

Ski-Doo also introduced a new RAS X front suspension, developed to complement the rear suspension. New A-arms bring the ski stance out to 43 inches, and suspension travel has also been increased by almost half an inch. And that means the RAS X can track true through the harshest terrain and hold tight to the line in the tightest corners.

Pilot X and Pilot TX Skis For Improved Tracking

Other new features for 2021 – found across the Ski-Doo snowmobile lineup – are Pilot X and Pilot TX skis. These skis have been optimized for the REV Gen4 platform. Riders will feel their improved tracking and consistent cornering bite, ride after ride.

You’ll be able to charge harder, knowing the skis will bite at exactly the right time because of ideal weight transfer. You’ll feel it when they attack trail corners, and you can’t miss the improved bite and flatter, more stable feel. And when you exit the apex and get back on the gas, the optimized transfer moves rearward to take over. The result is superior exit velocity and pure corner-to-corner perfection.

Rotax 600 EFI Engine with New MillSki-doo 600-EFI Engine 2021

The 2021 Ski-Doo Summit, and the rest of the lineup, also features a new engine option – the Rotax 600 EFI two-stroke engine. This engine, based on the Rotax 600R E-TEC engine, gives entry level riders a new option to go along with the REV Gen4 platform.

This new mill with a claimed 85 HP is mated to an electronic fuel delivery system, and heralds the end of Ski-Doo carbureted sleds. New plasma-coated cylinders and a sophisticated engine control module delivers thrilling performance and smart efficiency.

Panoramic 7.8-inch Digital Display

Some 2021 Ski-Doo snowmobiles feature a new panoramic 7.8-inch full-color digital display, Bluetooth-enabled gauge with GPS, music, and helmet communication app compatibility, it pairs perfectly with the new BRP Go! app.

The New BRP Go! App

New for 2021, the BRP Go! App works as a stand-alone navigation and social riding map, and is loaded with features:
• Stand-alone app
• Navigation – turn by turn, re-routing
• Map position
• Itineraries with Points of Interest
• Stores past rides
• Off-line capability
• Find my friends (only available where network coverage is present)
• Free
• Android and iOS compatible
• English and French
• Integrates with new Panoramic 7.8-inch digital display

Expert Package Optional in Summit 175″

The Summit 175″ track configuration will also have the option of the Expert Package. The benefits of the shorter tunnel and other Expert Package upgrades will now be available across the Summit lineup, including Summit X and the Freeride model.
This Expert Package has some improvements over the 2020 configuration, featuring a new, slimmer and lighter seat, as well as a new Expert Package hood, 6 lbs lighter than the 850 E-TEC Turbo hood.

Ready for the thrill of owning a 2021 Summit? Come in today and talk to our experts.

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